That was the month that was – April

Well I’ve wanted to start a “Round up of the Month” with a blogspot that highlights ten good things that have happened to me, I’ve found amusing, or just thoughts that have occurred to me. A little bit of irreverence never hurt!

Plus, it’s good to look back see what’s actually happened – time seems to go far too quickly..

So – April 2015, this is your life:

  1. Amusing clichéd situations from films do actually happen in real life – including a dress very unfortunately left tucked in a friend’s underwear after a bathroom break.

  2. “Angels” by Robbie Williams is a very odd choice for a Wedding disco (Funeral Song!  Funeral Song!).

  3. Meek and Enigmatic are fun words – but only when used in the right situation/description/part of the sentence/or you understand the meaning of said words.

  4. Record Day 2015 – whilst amazing was not all it was cracked up to be – I’m looking at you, yes you, you eight hour queue for the one record shop in central London that stocked David Bowie. No, I didn’t queue, I may be British but I’m not mad, just savvy and headed straight for eBay.

  5. Hot weather in April is a real boon.

  6. Hamish (our darling Jack Russell) thinks his sojourn at my parents is imprisonment at Alcatraz – and has therefore dug an escape tunnel to next door.

  7. Apparently I can commune with Blue Tits and Robins like any Disney Princess.

  8. I love my handlebar moustache  – except when it comes to eating ice cream. I look exactly like a toddler after eating spaghetti hoops.

  9. However warm you think the bread feels – it doesn’t go in the refrigerator.

  10. Blogging has its ups and downs, and that I shouldn’t take it too seriously…

So there we go, I hope everyone else had a fun April…

Here we come May!


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