That was the month that was – May

Well May was one crazy month for may reasons, and here are just a few of them!

So – May 2015, this is your life:

  1. All songs can be made infinitely better by the inclusion of cake into the lyrics: Cake on Me, The Baker takes it all,Gimme Gimme a Bun after Midnight. ThanksScandi Kitchen for brightening up a dull Sunday!

  2. I’ve turned into a typical Brit and moaned about the weather all month (no really, it’s not stopped raining and it’s been freezing cold). Not happy Jan. Not happy.

  3. Dealing with the loss of a TV programme is a real thing – who knew?

  4. My mother can’t say Hermes (as in the Greek God, and the Courier company), she can only sayHérmes (as in the expensive scarves). It took me a good 10 minutes to figure out what she was on about until it clicked. Hermes? Delivering? Has she bought new scarves? Confusion;

  5. Similarly, the Lover calls a meme amee-mee. I politely pointed out that it was pronouncedmeem to rhyme withjean. Then I had to go and have a fit of the giggles until my stomach ached.

  6. Americans are still confused by us Britssuffixing anything with “cheeky”.. I mean, surely going for a cheeky pint/McDonald’s/etc makes perfect sense? Non?

  7. However much stuff you get rid of, there’s still a ton more (really, I mean really – can we really have this much stuff?).

  8. I’m not sure what’s so funny about my being polite and drinking my protein shake in a glass, with a straw… I was brought up properly you know.

  9. It’s ok to enjoy Lego at any age.

  10. I still don’t know how to use WordPress, and therefore the “dog” has eaten my posts a fair few times.

So there we go, I hope everyone else had a fabulous May – and now on to June.


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