The Angst of the Vinyl Rewind

Ok, I need to send out my apologies for being so crap at my usual Vinyl Rewind Mondays. I know that it is something I really enjoy doing, I may not be the best at it, but it’s nice to look back at the albums and take a fresh look at them – even if they’re not your cup of tea.

However, I’ve not been able to fix on any one album. I’m sure we’re all the same, there are periods when you just can’t listen to any one album all the way through. It’s either too fast, too slow, wrong genre. I’m going to blame the recent hot weather, Wimbledon and now the lack of British summertime for my current musical angst. Subtle changes to my routine and everything goes to pot. I hate feeling like this, and I know it reflects poorly on my blogging skills. It’s frustrating. Music plays such an important role in my life. As you will have guessed from my other posts: there isn’t time in my life where music hasn’t played a part.

That’s not to say I’ve completely lost my interest in music –  I have the radio on most of the time; it’s just that it suits me to flit from artist to artist. Rather than dedicate my time to one album, I can bounce along to something different with each song. Something you can’t really do with vinyl, unless of course you’re a DJ. I think this is also affected by my current health state. My brain seems to be incapable of concentrating on any one thing for any length of time – I include my hobbies in this as well. You would think that music would be some sort of therapy, but no, that seems have gone by the wayside. I walk into a record shop and completely draw a blank. Who do I like? What am I looking for? Should I start collecting current vinyl? The indecision is rather crippling, and therefore it’s taking its toll.

So I’ve made a promise to myself, I’m going to stop using the word “frustrating” – I’m determined to fight this, and I will get back into the swing of things from next week.


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