Taking Stock

Well Hello!

As some of you know, I’ve just returned from spending a blissful week in Rome – sun and culture. Oh and I’m pretty sure I’m 95% gelato. But as is apt to happen, you come back to earth with a bump. Real life somewhat rocks up and smacks you around the face. As I shall explain at a later date, my life is slowly moving on and things are changing. At this juncture I want to pause and take note of the little things happening here and now. It reminds me to be present in the moment and helps me to appreciate all of the good going on this very second. Maybe you’d like to write a Taking Stock post too? Please share it in the comment section if you do!

Making: A crochet blanket, it’s pretty – but needs finishing.
Cooking: I’m about to get my Swedish baking on – I don’t cook, good God no.
Drinking: Tea! although this is slowly turning into coffee thanks to the brand new coffee maker.
Reading: I’m rereading all the Terry Pratchett’s in order, so I’m on Sorcery at the moment.
Wanting: To get more organised.
Looking: For a new winter coat.
Playing: Leanne La Havas’ album is on at the moment – she’s amazing if you’ve not heard her – go listen.
Deciding: It’s ok to feel nervous occasionally.
Wishing: There was more space in the flat.
Enjoying: My new Roman Holiday T-Shirt.
Waiting: For the dog to come home
Liking: Watermelon Haribo (it’s a thing in Italy).
Wondering: Where this year has gone.
Loving: My new watch (it’s not an apple watch).
Pondering: The fleeting nature of our time on this beautiful earth.
Considering: All that I can do to make the most of it.
Hoping: That things turn out ok in the end.
Marvelling: How people make interior design look so easy.
Needing: A sensible pair of trainers.
Following: So many inspiring people on Instagram (I really love Instagram!)
Noticing: London isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Knowing: I should go to bed earlier!
Thinking: I need to find more time for making stuff and being creative.
Admiring: The genius of Michelangelo.
Smelling: Freshly brewed coffee.
Wearing: T-Shirt and jeans – the British weather is driving me insane.
Sorting: My clothes and decluttering my wardrobe.
Buying: Probably more books, because this place isn’t chock full of them already.
Getting: Really inspired and excited about starting an exciting new project.
Bookmarking: The Complete Peanuts 1970-72.
Opening: My new textbooks.
Giggling: Mr Punch’s birthday card to me – it’s made me smile all week.
Snacking: On said Watermelon Haribo.
Coveting: A bigger vinyl collection.
Wishing: I was a better knitter, or that I could ride a bike.
Helping: My brother (cryptic I know).
Feeling: So many things. (Love, restlessness, gratitude, hope, melancholy.)
Hearing: The rain against the windows.


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